Ice Maker Machine Prices

Compare ice machines’ size and cost to select one for your business
Ice machines come in a large range of types and sizes. From the smaller capacity flake ice machines for your drink counter to the large block ice machines capable of producing tons of bagged ice chunks or blocks per day, you should consider the type and amount of ice you need when considering how much you need to spend when buying an ice machine.

The size, pricing and costs of ice machines varies widely based on your need, the amount of space you have to accommodate it and the amount of money you can spend. Before investing in ice machines for your business, you’ll need to consider the following:

1. Determine the type of ice – cube ice, tube ice, block, crushed ice and such – you want to serve your customers for drink consumption so you can decide which ice machine to consider.

2. Consider the amount of ice you need to produce each day to determine the type of ice making machines that could best keep up with consumer demand while still keeping in your budget.

Action Steps for Choosing Ice Machines
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done
Choose the type of ice you want to serve your customers with your ice machines
You’ll find ice machines for sale that produce any type of ice you think your customers will prefer. Decide if you’d like to serve cubes or tubes or the more easily consumed flaked, nugget or crushed ice.
Consider how much ice you need to produce each day with your ice machines
Your ice needs could range from supplying ice for customer drinks, icing down meat and seafood in a market or providing bagged ice on a large scale. The amount of ice you need each day and the space you have to produce and store the ice will determine what you’ll have to spend to meet your needs.

AGICO offers a wide range of ice maker machines with prices varying based on both type and production amount, we offer cube ice machines provide capacity 1~10 tons a day from $8,400 to $86,000 and large block ice machines running from $5,400 to $51,000, Our plate ice machines start around $6,500 for about 1 ton of ice a day to around $157,000 for production of about 60 tons a day.