Ice Cube Making Machine(Commercial Use)

AGICO Ice Cube Making Machine

AGICO ice cube making machine produce eatable ice cube for  commercial
Production control by Siemens PLC system automatically 
Capacity: range from 1ton to 3ton per 24hours
(For bigger capacity, please refer to our industrial ice cube machine)
Ice cube size: 22*22*22mm or 29*29*29mm
Freezing time: 20-25minutes

Main Futures:
Practical design, save space, easy to install
Energy saving, only 80-85kwh is consumed to produce one ton ice
Ice falling automatically, no need auxiliary ice harvesting device
Equip failure alarming , easy maintenance, lower error rate

First Class Component :
1.Compressor: Germany Bitzer or USA Copeland/Carrier 
2. PLC system: Germany Siemens       
3. Oil separator:  USA EMERSON
4. Electrical components: South Korea LG
5. Solenoid valve: Italy  CASTAL
6. Pressure controller: Denmark DANFASS
7.Expansion valve: Denmark DANFASS