Ice Crusher Machines & Crushed Ice Machines

AGICO Ice Crushed Machines

  1. Used stainless steel material.
  2. Fully-automatic.
  3. Exquisite and convenience.
  4. Ice Crushed Machines can break the big block ice into small piece in a short time.

Product description

AGICO ice crushed machines are exclusive equipments for MB series block ice machines to crush block ice, easy to operate.

The ice rake is stainless steel 304a, effective anti-corrosion.

Working life is beyond 10years.

VIB series ice crushed machines

Model Crushed Capacity(Tons/24hours) Ice Specification(KG) Motor Power(KW) Dimension(mm)
VIB-10 10 5-100 2.2 1200*800*1100
VIB-15 15 5-100 5.5 1200*1000*1100
VIB-20 20 5-100 7.5 1200*1100*1100