Cube Ice Maker Machines

AGICO Cube Ice Machine- KC series

Adopt PLC program centralized control, self-adjustment for ice thickness, self-adaptation for ambient temperature and balance between auto ice forming and water supplying, no need to adjust by hand.


1. Capacity: 1 ton~60tons per day;

2. PLC program control;

3. Freezing time: 20 minutes for 22mm*22mm*22mm and 23 minutes for 29mm * 29mm * 22mm.

4. Ice freezing automatically, ice dropping automatically, ice coming out automatically;

5. It adopts two different kinds of stainless steel materials for cube ice machine. One is SUS304 stainless steel for machine’s outer mainframe because there is no water to contact it to make ice. Another is SS316 stainless steel for the storage bin and water channel because there is water to contact to make ice. Such steel can prevent rusting and make ice sanitary and high-quality;

6. High quality, low maintenance, high capacity.