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AGICO GROUP would like to extend a warm welcome to those visiting our site and we are hopeful that our product pages will assist you with your ice making needs. AGICO has been servicing the Ice Industry for 6 years , we offer the utmost in performance, reliability, simplicity, and energy and water efficiency. so whether you require ice making capabilities for an entire city, a restaurant, or simply entertaining in your home, we can help. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, contact us today and speak with one of our specialists. We will offer you the best ice machines to meet your requirements.

Detailed Description of Ice Machinery :

Main products: Commercial Ice Cube Machine, Commercial Ice Block Machine, Industrial Ice Block Machine, Tube Ice Machine, Flake Ice Machine, Plate Ice Machine, Cold Room and Water Chiller.

Commercial Ice Cube Machine:

We are professional company engaged in the research, design, sale and manufacture of ice machines and refrigeration equipment. We provide different kinds of ice making machine for different purposes including food-grade ice cube machines, industrial ice block machines, food-grade ice block machine, plate ice machines, flake ice machines, tube ice machine, cold room and water chillers.

These products have been widely applied in large edible ice plants, supermarkets, aquatic products processing, pelagic fishery, vegetable/fruit processing and fresh keeping, meat processing and concrete cooling.

We carry out the scientific, standard and programmed management ideal, and have owned exquisite refrigeration engineers team, first-class equipment, advanced refrigeration technology and mechanical treatment technology. All these have guaranteed to provide excellent sales service and after service in order to meet customer's need to the large extent. ller ice machines have sold well in the South America and South Pacific Islands. By tracing and investigating the service conditions and feedback of customers to the ice machine, we constantly improve the quality and operation of our products and strength the team management, insisting in taking quality and service as first