About Us

An Easy Investment or a $10,000 Mistake?

Owning an ice machine is the perfect business, combining ease and efficiency with outstanding earnings. An ice machine that virtually makes money from water. Without the expenses of labor and other operation costs, your ice machine has the potential to earn large profits easily. However, an ice machine can also be a $10,000 mistake if you don’t choose the RIGHT ice machine !

As with many high-dollar risks, investors often seek the advice of a consultant. If you are new to the ice business, then having the guidance of an expert in the field is the best way to ensure that your business doesn’t fail.

But who is KINGMAN?

As a leading and professional manufacturer of ice machines, we offer the utmost in performance, reliability, simplicity, and energy and water efficiency. Through 10 years’ experiences with our business and the businesses of clients, we have learned what situations make the ice machines thrive, and which ones spell disaster. 

1. KINGMAN ice machines are made from the highest quality material and components.

2. Realistically Rated– KINGMAN ice machines operate in extremely hot area and are realistically rated for maximum performance during the scorching summer months when demand is greatest.

3. No moving parts in the freezing zone, no augers, gears, motors or seals mean fewer problems and failures.

4. Simple design eliminates the big (and expensive) problems you get with more complicated machinery. Components are easily accessible for service and routine maintenance.

5.Most major components (except the evaporator) are available at local refrigeration wholesalers. Our ice machines take standard parts that are stocked nationwide by wholesalers, so you’re not restricted to using factory replacement parts after the warranty has expired.

6. Long durability–KINGMAN ice machines can work for about 8 years to 10 years.

7. We strictly test each machine prior to shipping, to assure it’s working properly in every respect and producing its rated capacity.

At KINGMAN, our people are as reliable as our machines. Because we take special pride in our reputation and special care in helping you choose the right machine and get most from it. Count on us to do whatever it takes to assure your total satisfaction with our ice machines.