Home Ice Maker Machines

A machine that just plugs in, you fill the tray with water and switch on – easy!

The quick and simple way to make ice at home for parties. Friends and family will have an even better time with plenty of homemade ice on hand.
Home ice machines are popular because of its significant benefits over standard commercial ice machines.

Home Ice Maker (Capacity from 5kg to 25kg per 24hours)




These advantages include:

  • Portable, compact machine
  • No need for plumbing in
  • Great for offices/boardrooms
  • Ice at the touch of a button

Here is how it works …………..

A home ice machine is nothing like a commercial ice machine. Its small size, compact build and ease of use makes it ideal as a home appliance.

Portable and compact, the home ice machine comes in a variety of shapes with variations on where it opens to put the water in, etc. For example, it can have a top lid that opens vertically or a central drawer that pulls out. You should receive a mains lead when purchasing a home ice machine and usually (though not always!) an ice scoop. Most machines have a control panel that makes it easy to operate.

You can use the ice you make for many things – to chill lager in bottles or cans or in an ice bucket for bottles of white wine or champagne. Also great for keeping juice and soda drinks cool.